Does your family have a past?

Wouldn't it be fascinating to find out you have pioneer relatives? 
Like my ancestor Norton Ray Tuttle who in July 8, 1852 crossed the Missouri River with one wagon, one yoke of oxen, and one yoke of cows and his wife and little one only two weeks old! Or maybe your parents emigrated from another country and you want to learn more about who you are and your family lineage.
I can help you begin the journey to discovering your past. 

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Which Package is Right for You?

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Includes the following:


- a consultation to identify what you know about your family and what you don't know (we will research two (2) generations prior to 1920 on your mother's side or your father's side of the family)

- a research log that will show which historical record(s) were examined


- copies of records like birth, marriage, death and census are provided where they are available 


- free subscription to monthly electronic newsletter

$249 incl. tax

Image by Caleb George


Includes everything in the Silver Package...


- an online family tree that can be shared with your family anywhere (there is internet)


- a family crest (if your family crest exists)


- a summary of your ancestor's historical timeline of when they lived and worked

$599 incl. tax

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DIY Starter

Are you someone who likes to do your own research?
This package is right for you.


Includes the following:


- a one hour phone discussion


- comes with an information guide

$99 incl. tax

Once all the material has been collected an appointment will be made with you for the presentation. 
At that time a research summary will be presented and reviewed with you.